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Program Description:

1. When you start the program the main window of the program, co-located torus standard control Windows Media.

2. To start playback of a multimedia file, you must choose a file through a dialog box, the address of which will then pass the video processor in the ActiveX component WMPLib.

3. The program menu contains two items: File and the program. When you click in the File menu item, a list of unfolding possibility-governmental actions: Open Exit. When you click the menu item File-Open -otkroetsya file selection dialog box. When you click the menu item File-Exit the application closes. When you click the menu item About window appears with information about the program and its developer.


To launch the project need Visual Studio 2005 or higher. (Language C #)

Buying a product, you get the file to the project and all the source code + settlement and explanatory note in Foreman .doc
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