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Program Description:

At startup, a window with the screen saver of the game.

Menu program contains two items: "The Game" and "Help".

The menu item "Game" includes such as a sub-

"New game"





When you click on the sub "New Game" screensaver game replaced the playing field and there is a window prompting you to enter the names of the players. If the players' names have not been entered, the default, when you click "Accept" on the screen will indicate the inscription Player 1, Player 2, and the number of points each player.

The playing field is an image of a tennis table, on both sides of which there are rackets (bits). Move the racket going up or down and is controlled by players using the keyboard. The initial position of the ball at the left racket, ie right of the first player controls the feed belongs to the left-hand paddle. Running the ball by pressing the keys on the keyboard 'Space'.

By clicking on the menu option "Stop", you can temporarily pause the game, and when you click on the sub-item "Continue" to resume the game.

When you click on the submenu "Statistics" appears on the screen, which are derived from the file names of the players who have the greatest number of victories.

When you click on the sub "Exit" closes the program.

The menu item "Help" contains the following sub-items like

"Rules of the Game"

"About the program"

When you click on the sub "Rules of the Game", a window appears that contains information about the rules of the game and about what the key used to control.

When you click on the sub the "About" window appears with information about the program and about who developed it.


+ At the root of settlement and explanatory note to the term rabote.doc

To launch the project need Visual Studio 2005 or higher. (Language C #)

Buy, you get all the source code of the project and settlement and explanatory note to it.
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