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Program Description:

1. When you start the game appears the main window of the program "see. Fig. 1 "represented a form of Engine, which will vary according to the stages of the game. It takes the main part of the game.

2. Upon successful completion of the game window appears, represented a form of Quest, prompting you to start a new game, with a different key word, or quit the game.

3. The game menu includes three items: Game, Help, and Help. When you click in the menu item Game unfolds a list of possible actions: New, Out. When you click the menu item New Game - the game re-started. When you click the menu item Game Exit the app is closed. When you click the Help menu to start the application help.exe, located in the game folder, which in a convenient and understandable rules of the game are presented. When you click the Help menu, the window represented a form AboutBox, which displays information about the application and the developer.


To launch the project need Visual Studio 2005 or higher. (Language C #)

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