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Fully automatic trade copier (transactions repeater) for MT4

• Professional - This modification is complete and includes a switch to turn on and off the reverse mode. Copyist of this modification can be operated as conventional and reversible, two in one.

Automatic copier transactions designed to copy transactions (orders) with one or more accounts (terminal MT4) to one or more other accounts (terminal MT4).

Such programs are still called "repeater". This fully automatic copier transactions an indispensable tool for investors who operate on signals successful traders by copying the transaction with one or more accounts (sources) on one or more accounts (receivers) at the same time. The program constantly monitors changes in the market and when a new order to track invoices (source) immediately copies it to your account or accounts (receivers).

The program can work with absolutely any DC with a variety of conditions and with various types of accounts, regardless of the base currency. Copier to work freely and with the LC, which prohibits the opening of market orders with predetermined levels of Stop Loss and Take-Profit program in these cases opens all market orders in two stages, first opened their order, and then set it stop levels. All orders are executed almost instantly without any delay and slippage.

The system consists of two separate MQL4 programs (Expert Advisors), «RS-Trader» and «RS-Investor», more for work that does not require contains all the possible combinations and use cases, the code is optimized so that when connection is broken, turn off the or other fault system was stable and error free. The system can operate in any combination and conditions on any accounts and any tools.

The scheme of work is extremely simple.

• Start the terminal to back up the transaction (terminal "Investor").
• You can also run the terminal, which will be made up of transactions (terminal "Trader").
• The terminal "Investor", open your account, where you want to copy all of the transaction.
• A terminal "Trader", mutual funds password or trader (which is more convenient / accessible), we are interested in opening the account trader.
• After that, the terminal "Investor", attach to any plan advisor «RS-Investor».
• A terminal "trader" to any chart attach Advisor «RS-Trader».
• All system now automatically tracks and copies all transactions on your account.
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