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Presents a unique base fatty sites to raise TIC.

We all know how difficult it is to increase your sites TIC. There are many companies that offer expensive services capacity TIC your site, you can contact, but you will see for yourself how much it will cost you buy links from sites with TCI that way from 1000, and since you have to pay for the links every month until the end of your work site.

I am taking advantage of my offer. You will receive a unique database of sites, expelling for which your life, you will get excellent value TIC long time!

Features Base:

1. All sites are checked for noindex and nofollow;

2. On the basis of present 177 sites;

3. The minimum particle 1000 maximum 65000;

4. TOTAL 616 100 TIC;

5. The average particle 3480;

6. if, immediately after APA TIC rid of your site based, the average result of + 20-40, after three ups TIC guaranteed.

Assembling suitable for zero-sites, and for sites with experience. The base was tested from May 4, 2011. on my satellites for TCI AP 16.08.2011g. After a manual (quality) spam I received here are the results:

Examples of sites which drove ON THIS BASIS seen in the screenshot (it's only been 2 apa TIC, although for full links indexed, it is necessary to 3-4 APA) (ALL SITES TO strikeout in the screenshot "not sleep" Becky)

To get these results, you only need to walk the sites and leave your link. The advantage of the method is that you do not need to spend each month for the purchase of links to exchanges, paying only once you get links to your eternal life, work and handles the result will not wait! . Also, the database has a manual / description what to do, all set out very accessible.

What are the pros run on the basis of:

1. Wake up the TCI 20 to 40

2. Wake up PR

3. Promotion of the bass and midrange, and some low competitive queries RF

4. Natural referential mass

5. Saving money (no need to spend each month for the purchase of links)

6. Increased attendance
For your convenience base sorted in descending order of the TCI, all links are clickable, the base is available in a format * .xls.

It will be sold no more than 80 COPIES


1) 5500 Dofollow blogs (without noindex)

2) The free method of getting 1768 links

3) The script generation sattelitov

4) parser Vkontakte Room 1

5) methods to get 25 TIC

6) White base directory under allsubmitter

7) How to get free particles 10

8) How to get free Pr 7

9) How to get the particles 100

10) The generator of any sites DLE

11) parser of the forum in the site Vkontakte IPBoard Room 2

12) base XSS, to raise Tietz from 20 to 40

13) The script collects free domains with TIC and Pr

14) Rukovodtvo search vobodnyh domains

15) database of news sites with TIC from 10 000 to 78 000

16) Sapient Social Submitter

17) Generator anchor

18) Hacked allsubmitter 5.7 and 4 base him on the total cost of $ 80

19) The program Sapemaster

20) Spam on the engine WordPress, LiveJournal, Ucoz

And when leaving your positive feedback and e-mail`a you within 24 hours will be sent to the filter sape lifting particles + 40-70

These gifts will be available only until the end of this week.

When you purchase this base, leaving a positive comment and e-mail your mail once a month will come to a free database updates.

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