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Indicator for FOREK programmers who can not make it redraw (warning while on it will not earn).

The original idea of \u200b\u200bthis indicator states:

The concept is simple! Follow the arrows and trades.

Red arrow down, sell. Red Square - Closing the deal.

Blue arrow up, buy. Blue Square - closes the deal.

To close, as well, except for the signal "square" can use a trailing stop that will bring additional profit on the long trend.

Using the indicator is possible without an additional filter indicator.

Profitability indicators checked by our foreign partners in actual accounts.


Q: What platforms does it work?

A: It works on any Meta Trader 4 build. Any DC where there MT4.

Q: What is the broker \\ DC do you advise?

Answer: See below.



Indicators such as this is guaranteed, with no redraw, delays, glitches, etc., with a spread of 2nn, will run on DC forex-for-you, you will understand why this link: 4850393 Their honesty and reliability and I have tested on a real pro. LaytF. I do not advise because of constant braking glitches and server.


CAUTION LED Crossbow only assistant in Forex trading. Transactions are made directly with the trader. CROSSBOW, works on any terminal MT4, any DC. We must unpack it into the directory of indicators and restart the terminal. The default directory: C: \\ MT4 \\ experts \\ indicators

And if you write a good positive feedback, please write to e-mail I send a gift.

03.05.2016 20:20:04
Только что купил индикатор и закачал его себе на платформу! Я восхищён! Такого точного стрелочного индикатора пока не встречал. Остаётся только проверить его работу.
20.07.2015 0:21:51
sposibo boljschoe,indekator norma...
28.02.2015 19:01:49
Сегодня приобрёл,ка будут результаты отпишусь!(думаю он не заставит себя ждать)
11.01.2014 17:24:59

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