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Storybook-byley about the Civil War in the Altai (1918-1922 gg.), Released in the Altai publishing house in 1979. The main source for writing the book served as the memories of the author's father - Red partisan 5th Regiment Steppe A. Korobchenko seeds, as well as other participants in the memories of the Civil War in the Altai (IV Gromov, JP Zhigalin, PO Nikishin, etc. .). In the book, no fictional plot, no characters, created by the creative imagination of the author. Original events, memories of direct participants in the struggle for Soviet power were the basis of these stories.
File format Word. Excerpt: "... She went to the guest, and he struggled so hoarse whispers to me:" The head of my tie. " It looks like it was easier, because he stood up with my help and sat down on a stool, leaning against the wall. I have become a shirt with his head reel, and I can not - it's all soaked with blood and ssohlas. Moisten with water, gently remove become. First, I do not understand, and when looked closer, backed up and shouted, instead of a human ear bloody wounds. I caught hold of the jamb to keep from falling, and closed her eyes. And she looked at the black horse mane severed human ears strung like porcini mushrooms for drying ... "Download: Michael Korobchenko. Guerrilla were.
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