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The system was published recently, system clearly shows the ins and outs of the trade. An arrow appears if the price broke through the ma. The system does not have peririsovyvaetsya and advisor Advisor does not trade, it shows when to enter and exit from the transaction. For a week on this system, you can get about 700 pips in one volyutnoy pair.

The system runs on all 10 pairs of currencies (except for the exotic) hour time Frey.

You can also run on May 15 and 30 minutes, but the best results on the hourly and 4chasovom time frame.

After payment, you will receive a full set of indicators, template and advisor, as well as complete instructions.
После оплаты, вы получите полный комплект системы, индикаторы, шаблон, и советника, а также полную русскую инструкцию.
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