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Course work "of the repair ATM" (ARM engineer of the "H-TECH")

Saturday programming: Borland Delphi 7

Database: BDE, Paradox table type 7

18 forms, around 2000 lines of code.

Implemented six tables: Banks Staff, ATM, warehouse, receipt of supplies, Applications

Ubodny, beautiful interface, password input (blocking and run-time), enter information about the organization, adding, editing, search records. Print report forms and requests for Q-Report (supplied with Delphi).


The list of bank-client

Inventory control

Engineers - choice - all available for applications

Completed application

Unallocated applications

Executable application


The Bank and its ATMs

Card employee


Running applications (by the engineer for the period, according to the bank, according to the ATM)

Explanatory Note 27 sheets.
After payment, you will receive a link to the archive file and the password to it.

If desired, the program can be converted to any type of application. Refer to the post.
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