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Tabard of the Arcane (Tabard of Arcane) - purple Tabard.

Lutkod on tabard Arcane (Tabard of Arcane) could register for 2000 UDE points on a special website A card containing 100 UDE points, was within each booster pack. Each booster box came out to 2400 points, since in box 24 of the deck.

Now check UDE points ceased due to the fact that Blizzard has selected a license to distribute lutkodov company Upper Deck, with the result that the new capes Arcane (Tabard of Arcane) is no more. Sold out last lutkody on tabards.

Conditions for obtaining Tabard Arcane (Tabard of Arcane):

- You pay for the goods on our website by selecting the appropriate method of payment;

- After payment you will receive a verification code that you want to tell the operator the way you want;

- We check your transmitted code, which is proof that it is you who have made a purchase on our website. Please tell anyone the verification code, in addition to our operator;

- We register lutkod with a cape on your server via a special service accessible on the link and pass you a special 25-digit code;

- This 25-digit code, you must enter at the goblin Landro Dalnostrela in Booty Bay (Stranglethorn Vale). The menu Landreau you must choose "Restore points" -> "Tabard Arcane."

Delivery of goods: from 6 hours to 96 hours from the time we receive a verification code. On average, the code is delivered within 12 hours.

Thank you for your purchase

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ALL Tabard Tabards of Nature, genius and Anger Tabard of Flame Tabard of the Lightbringer Tabard Abyss Tabard of the Defender Tabard Arcane Tabard Ice

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