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History of Far Eastern border - is a constant worry and tension, provocation and armed conflicts. In stories for children Far writer Anatoly Maximov tells of the harsh border guard service, how close are sometimes adults and children. The book contains four exciting and instructive story: "Hunters of shells", "Petrushina outpost", "Lake Khasan", "Sunny skies." Year: 1982. Illustrations GV Alimov.
File format Word. In the illustrated version available (available on request). Excerpt: "... It is known in fact, seemingly gentle, trusting bird and seasoned hunter can chase, screw, if it has not caught on time, do not leave the chase, not shorten a hot passion. And with the kids what to ask? They thought a moment or two - and will they grouse. They fled the bushes, staring at the tops of the trees, and came running to the brown bear. The beast was dozing under the fallen trees. Seeing the boys on fallen trees, highly looked up, opened the sleepy eyes and barked, not so terribly, but frightened. The boys screamed in unison, they rushed towards the bear. On his weapons, slingshots and skladyshkah forgotten - we saw salvation in their own feet. They broke into the briar patch, and yes there are stuck. Bear with them was not. He, too, is seen frightened cry of the children and even moved in the opposite direction, away from sin ... "Download: Anatoly Maximov. Petrushina outpost.
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