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Kinah on Server Aion Legend (
Delivery kinah carried out in person in the game after the presentation of a unique code purchase to the operator. Guaranteed delivery within 5 minutes will be made only after notifying us of the payment order.
Contact Us -
The best way to get the in-game currency - is to buy Kinah Aion Legend for a small amount of real money. You do not have to fill up your day and night by a penny, to which you never really worthy buy armor and weapons. You will be an excellent opponent that his whole appearance would frighten the enemy - and to help you in this Kinah Aion Legend. Be recognizable, powerful and dangerous fighter in the world Aion!

Experienced players are buying Kinah Aion Legend us

Immediately after registration you will get the opportunity to buy Kinah Aion Legend of fair and competitive prices. You will find many ways to purchase in-game currency (including Visa, MacterCard, WebMoney, «Yandex»). We suggest you buy kinah for better conditions, in any volume. To purchase is successful, you will need only contact with our operator.

Do not waste a single minute!

As long as you remain undecided, other gamers compete on more favorable terms. Only in your power in an instant become a confident, strong and dangerous opponent, as well as powerful and valuable ally.

By purchasing Kinah Aion Legend right now, very soon you will be on a par with the strongest gamers universe Aion!
06.05.2019 19:19:14
Всё быстро пришло
04.05.2019 16:39:22
Всё быстро пришло, большое спасибо)
30.04.2018 9:44:51
Спасибо, вручил как всегда:)
10.04.2018 19:32:11
Предельно быстро, честно и адекватно
ни сбоев, ни задержек
покупал уже 5 раз и в дальнейшем планирую)
01.04.2018 20:16:00
 кредитные  бизнесмен
01.04.2018 19:58:50
22.03.2018 18:56:54
Все быстро, и отлично!
04.03.2018 18:45:32
Хороший продавец, спс
28.02.2018 17:49:56
Все отлично, и быстро!
26.11.2017 17:25:20
good and fast

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