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After payment, you receive an activation key World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria (Russian version)



1) This key does not extend playing time and is suitable for use only on Russian servers World of Warcraft.

2) To start the Mists of Pandaria you must be running the Russian version of World of Warcraft with all previous additions.

3) This key can not be activated in the trial record.


About the Game

More than ten thousand years, the ancient land of Pandaria were shrouded in fog and hidden from the other inhabitants of Azeroth. This saves them from the wars from the time of the split of the world. In pandariyskih dense forests and mountains, peaks that go into the clouds, live various indigenous peoples and strange beasts. It is from here originally Pandaren - mysterious Epicureans, who manage to enjoy life, even when hovering over the world an ancient evil.

New Continent is tormented world in a desperate moment when the Horde and Alliance are on the verge of a new war that threatens to overwhelm and destroy Azeroth. It will be found there in the mists of Pandaria key to saving the world? Or in a power struggle over these rich and wonderful lands of the feud breaks out worldwide, which will lead to the destruction of all life? Answers can be found on the banks of the mysterious Pandaria!


Instructions on how to activate the key:

1) Log in to your account

2) Go to

3) Enter the received key.



Buyer positive comments labeled "I want a gift," has a chance to receive a free key / Gift for Steam!


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