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Selling Kinah on all servers US Aion, 4 rubles. for 1 million Kinah. Delivery takes 1 to 24 hours. WE HAVE BEST PRICE IN RUSSIA!

The order of receipt of order:

1. You pay for the purchase. After payment you will receive a unique 16-digit code.

2. You tell the operator the unique code and your nickname. To do this, you must contact the Inland chat, Skype or ICQ.

3. Delivery is Face to Face, ie we meet in the main city (Elysium, Pandemonium) near the mailbox and broadcasts.

If we are online, then you will get a coin for 20 minutes, after the payment, and provide us with all the necessary data. Otherwise, expect, when we appeared on the network. In addition, the page is a button with the code refund. You can always get your money back if you accidentally paid during our absence from the network.

CAUTION None of those who buy from us Kinah is not blocked.
Please write a review, it is very important to us!

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