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About the game:

You - Knight Dragon. Your goal - to unite the shattered kingdom and become the new emperor.

Your success depends on your ability to effectively manage the empire, create invincible army and lead them to victory.

Your secret weapon: tactical skills, leadership skills, and the ability at any time to turn into a fire-breathing dragon.

Dragon Commander - is not just a strategy game. It combines the RTS-gameplay, turn-based global map, role playing and action to the management of frightening dragon.


Real Time Strategy: Manage forces on land, sea and in the air. The interaction of different types of troops, as well as the proper management of your army - key factors in the win.

Simulator Dragon: during RTS-mode you can transform into a dragon to personally help their troops in battle, or to strike an opponent using multiple spells.

Turn-based campaign: Build plans to take over the world in the turn-based tactical map of the world. Plan a few steps forward, build a mighty army and invest in the right technologies and upgrades for units and the dragon.

Manage Empire: You emperor - and so you decide! But beware: the political balance is very easy to break.

Each game in the Dragon Commander is unique, and requires very difficult decisions. Feel the consequences of their actions both during battles and in the global game map.

Single-user, multi-user and cooperative modes: Play the campaign scene, or try out your skills against other knights of the Dragon - online or through LAN-connection.

Start your own multiplayer campaign with a friend - or against him. And do not forget about training in the "quick battle".
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