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In the book of Siberian writer Vladimir Sapozhnikov includes the story "On the front of the calm" and the stories: "Shadow Captain Belling," "Cassiopeia", "Karahol-Lake", "Shaman", "A friend of our friend," "Portrait of a watercolor", " Crying grouse "," To Kuzma for salt, "" Hot Slim "," The first roosters "," White cow ".

A variety of topics that attract the writer - weekdays World, life builders and taiga hunters, prospectors and artists; wonderful and wise world of nature.

Works V. Sapozhnikov distinguishes subtle psychological drawing, expressive language, a keen interest in the spiritual world of man.

Edition 1972
File format Word. Excerpt: "... In the darkness, only begins zorevatsya, grouse takes off on a favorite pine tree and begins to sing. "Tsok! Plunk! Plunk! Tp-pp-ru-Troole! PIB-chic-turll-llja! .. "So portrayed Leonid capercaillie trill. Then - pause, grouse, apparently listening, do not respond if gluharka, and again, "Tsok! Plunk! Tsok! .. "During the" boo "or" svistanya "he stalls, either in ecstasy, whether at this time the bones of the middle ear pushing on the eardrum - and is this person. "Boo" - the most beautiful trill capercaillie song lasts a second and a half, and a man with a gun, already prepared to fire, jumps to the singer, managing to make two or three jumps. This is called "conceal the song" because the song on the hunting language is called the final trill when grouse stalls. Under a song can make noise, to step on and bitch to break it with a bang, with the song, you can shoot the birds singing, miss, grouse does not hear and did not fly away. He was in full ecstasy abandoned himself to his art, absorbed them without a trace. But if you´re too late to put the foot end of the song, stand still on one, or all is lost. Capercaillie perfectly heard during "clatter" and immediately fly away if he hears the slightest rustle ... "Download Vladimir Sapozhnikov. Rosa tetracorals.
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