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Languages: Russian
Activation: Origin
Release date: 25 September 2014(Russian release date)
Developers: EA Canada
Publishers: Electronic Arts
Standard edition( without bonuses)

Please note that product specifications are subject to change by publisher without prior notice.
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►Game description:◄
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FIFA 15 raises the realism of virtual football to new heights, thanks fans of this game can fully relive the tension and intensity of emotions favorite sport. First time in the history of the franchise all 22 players are connected by a system of "Emotional intelligence" — they will be able to react to opponents and teammates depending on what is happening in the moment on the field. Visual effects allow a new generation to the extent possible to reproduce the situation on the field with the effect of "Live football" field — you´ll see how primenalsa and vtaptyvaetsya grass during the match. Also, you´ll notice that the outfit now stick the mud. Management system will give players the opportunity to more confidently manage your players, improve their movement, will make the battle for the ball more spectacular and breathtaking. Football is a game filled with tension and drama and FIFA 15 allows football fans to immerse yourself in the emotion and atmosphere of the greatest sport on the planet.

•What is FIFA Ultimate Team?
EA SPORTS FIFA 15 Ultimate Team is an extensive online community of fans of football that collect in their clubs best players in the world, run these clubs and compete with other FIFA 15. Join more than 11 millions of enthusiastic football fans, like you, and collect in your club the world´s best players by earning, buying, selling and exchanging of players in the Ultimate Team community. Play with your dream team, please put it in matches against teams of their friends. Collect several squads to participate in online competitions or individual tournaments for one player that dynamically update each week.

•What is a "Golden set" FIFA Ultimate Team?
Each "Golden set" a pleasant surprise awaits you. Among 12 subjects will be players, contracts, stadiums, managers, additional staff, increased the physical characteristics of the player, treatment, footballs, football uniforms, logos, and styles of interaction. In the "Golden set" consists of the players with games rated 75 and one rare item. Rare items is improve performance, longer contracts and the most coveted players.
ATTENTION: the Given key to activate on Origin.

========== To start playing you need: ==========
1. Download and install the Origin client. ( )
2. Start Origin.
3. Select the interface language and the place where you installed the game.
4. Go to Origin-Redeem product code".
5. Enter the key you received after payment.
6. After activating the game tab will appear with your profile and the list of activated games.
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купил ключик, все работает, спасибо
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