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Despite the passage into the world of the sexual revolution, the authorities in the Soviet Union denied the existence of sex in the country.

This does not correspond to the real life experience of the author, who has spent half his life in long-term business trips, and the experience of a number of his friends at their candid stories.

These naughty enough events in the history of the real modern life are sustained within easy sensuality and far from violating accepted ethical standards, although the rules are substantially different for different people.

The degree of openness of presentation intimate life grew steadily at least since the publication of Ivan Bunin collection "dark alley", where the first Russian Nobel Prize winner for literature in one of the stories detail the intimacy in an unconventional position. but still not accepted in the literature shocking degree, characteristic well-known novel by Henry Miller's "Tropic of Cancer, Tropic of Capricorn", published in 1934.

These stories may amuse the reader with sharp humor and real life situations.
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