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Roman writer Eugene Altai Gushina of employees of the State Reserve, the purpose of which was to save the life of a unique lake and lakeside taiga for posterity. Taiga taiga lake - harsh. The harsh life of the novel´s characters Artem Strigunova Ivan Rytov and other guards of nature. Taiga people, old-timers these places did not know before fishing bans, and it is not easy to get used to the new conditions. Haunt the poachers, people in their own strengths, which is not just to cope. Encroach on protected area and nearby gold mine under construction. To learn how to live and fight for the workers of the reserve assigned to them deal about their love and hate about their sorrows and joys of this book tells.
File format Word. Excerpt: "... Already exhausted, Ivan and Tom winds among the dead trees. "Just not suffocate, but would not fall" - flickers in my head Artyom, and he tried not to lose sight of the back of a forester. Trunks dvoilis before him. He felt that he was losing consciousness, and could do nothing. Knees somehow themselves buckled, he fell. But he leaped felt severe burns. Standing, bending over, and the land it tended to him. With barely kept his balance, realizing that no longer will be able to step a single step. Fumbled with trembling hands on the sides, looking for what to hang on ... "Download Eugene Gushchin. Right side.
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