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The book of the Ural writer Mikhail Golubkov included stories and novels that reflect moral clash of heroes teammates, family, their difficult internal re-author touches a serious problem of our time - the relationship of man to nature and its preservation.

The collection includes two stories: "Brothers Makarshin" and "gifts of game", as well as the following story: "On the pasture", "Bear stub", "parents", "Dokuka", "an hour or two the fly", "In the meadows" "At the end of the summer", "the present", "Windfall", "Mushroom it is time", "Gluharka", "Mokey", "elk", "White blizzard", "Petruhin Day", "Fomkin treasure", "stove I have icy "," Niurka, Nikanka and calves. "

Year - 1977.
File format Word. Excerpt: "... It is really the first time really opened secretly felt her young, girlish charm. For the first time noticed how much it has changed over the past summer, which was the mysterious and involving. It seems only yesterday Taikoo could ottaskat hair, slap on any place, and today is no more, the hand does not rise. That's how it turns out. You know a person for a long time, with deep, besshtannogo childhood, and suddenly, as if anew, opens. Miracles, and only ... "Download Mikhail Golubkov. Gifts game. Novels and short stories.
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