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IMPORTANT: First of all, contact the operator using online chat and verify the presence of gold on your server!

If you do not answer in the online chat, try to write in icq and / or skype.

Ordering and delivery of gold:

1. Pay for your purchase, in the upper right side of the page you can enter the amount of gold or the amount of the purchase and choose a convenient payment method gold TERA. Follow the instructions.

2. After the payment, you will be prompted to name your character and choose a server.

3. The period of 5 minutes to 24 hours you will be at the game TERA Gold in game mail to Your "Nick character."

Arun PvP

Kayator PvP

Arborea PvE

Lorkada PvE

Weston PvP

Balder PvP

Essen PvE

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