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* Five years ago Carl Johnson escaped from the difficulties of life in Los Santos, San Andreas ... in a city torn apart gang wars, drug trafficking and corruption. A place where movie stars and millionaires struggling to ward off drug dealers and gangsters.
* Who is the early 90s. Carl returned home. His mother has been murdered, his family has broken up, and all the friends of his childhood are halfway to death.
* On his return to their quarters, some corrupt cops frame him for murder. Charles was forced to embark on a path that lead him across the entire state of San Andreas, to help save his family and to gain control over the streets.


• Excellent musical accompaniment. To make the gameplay characteristics that game developers have implemented in the project several dozens of memorable music tracks that are constantly changing in the various integrated directly into the game itself radios. Moreover, among these tracks you will find songs from the most famous and sought-after artists of 90th.

• New unique profession. A notable feature of this game is a unique opportunity to try their luck in an entirely new occupations for themselves. That is in addition to work in the taxi, police and ambulance, you will be able to stay in the "skin" the doorman, fire, truck driver, train driver and a thief.

• Experience the adrenaline rush. The game enables its users to experience the thrill through employment BASE jumping. In other words, you can jump from a parachute from skyscrapers or mountain top Chiliad.

• The abundance of mini-games. An additional, but no less important feature that can experience first hand the gamer decides to buy a key Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, is an impressive diversity and abundance of mini-games. Among them, you will discover the ability to satisfy their passion by the roulette, arcade machines, poker, billiards, street basketball, and others.
23.01.2019 19:53:39
Всё активировалось. Спасибо!
14.01.2019 22:55:28
04.08.2018 16:07:47
спасибо. Ключ рабочий. Никаких нареканий нет.
27.07.2018 17:25:01
Все работает жду бонус
24.07.2018 14:06:52
Хороший продавец, ключ пришел моментально, все активировал. Спасибо!
15.07.2018 16:48:44
Шикарно, игра активировалась, все супер)) Наконец добрал коллекцию ГТА ))
13.07.2018 22:35:54
всё отлично.
24.06.2018 0:09:19
Ключ пришел мгновенно. Получил то что оплатил. Продавцу можно доверять.
30.05.2018 13:25:32
ключ получил моментально, спасибо
21.05.2018 19:09:26
Ключ пришел, все ок!

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