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Dear customers.
We sell gold World of Warcraft in any quantity on all servers in Russian!

•Fast shipping
•Low prices
• Multilingual staff

Shipping info:

• Before payment please contact us and tell us where you want Gold (server / fraction).
• Delivery osuschestvlyaetsya in Orgrimmar or Stormwind hands.

• Delivery time from 10 minutes to 24 hours, the average delivery time 10 minutes.
If you are in doubt, just specify delivery time on the server you are interested operator.
When purchasing servers Gordunni (Horde) Soulflayer (Alliance), The Pirate Bay (the Alliance), Howling Fjord (Alliance) you will get 5% less gold

At your request, we send gold by mail or buy out items from the auction. (through the system of goods will be delivered in an hour)

Remember that all service for the purchase of game currency available at your own risk. Sama buy game currency is forbidden game rules and game administration has the right to take your purchased game currency or even block your account. By purchasing this product, you hereby agree to these rules and should be aware of this.
08.12.2018 15:15:12
Все успешно получено!
04.10.2018 11:04:15
Все, отлично! Качественно в срок
25.01.2016 18:28:06
Спасибо)все быстро и надежно)
22.11.2015 17:13:50
30.08.2015 18:31:59
Все оперативно, спасибо ребята)
29.08.2015 14:53:58
Восхитительно! )
29.08.2015 14:49:03
Опять всё отлично
29.08.2015 14:35:22
Просто отлично и вкусно!!!
25.08.2015 16:51:30
Всё просто на высшем уровне
20.08.2015 14:02:53
Все ок, проблем не было.

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