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To start the required Steam-version of the game Arma 3. The game is not included100% satisfaction guarantee. After payment you will receive a license to activate the Gift in the steam. You can activate the game yourself or send to friend.
ACTIVATE the game can be in the following countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Republic of Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Russia.
To activate in other countries use the Russian VPN / Proxy. For the game will be needed continuously on VPN.
</ Attention>
Activation method: steam
Games Language: Russian, English, French, Italian
If you have any questions / problems - please contact the online chat.Each buyer has left positive feedback will get a random key for activation in steam and Discounts on all my products. </ Delivery>
Hone your skills and join small in remote battle. In addition Arma 3 Marksmen includes new weapons, playable content, Steam Achievements, and not only.
Main characteristics
Seven new weapons - five sniper rifles and two medium machine guns provide new opportunities for team play. New weapons:
Cyrus 9,3 mm - high power sniper rifle
MAR-10 .338 - sniper rifle, high power
Mk-I EMR 7,62 mm - average power sniper rifle
Mk14 7,62 mm - average power sniper rifle
ASP-1 Kir - Special Purpose Rifle
SPMG .338 - easy medium machine gun
Navid 9,3 mm - medium machine gun
New weapon accessories - AMS sights and Kahlia for shooting at medium range are suitable for both new and already existing weapons.
Remote designators - Two remote-controlled laser pointer can be used for marking and laser guidance to the target distance.
New camouflage suits - the new camouflage suits NATO and the CSAT and AAF fractions provide camouflage in areas of various types.
New target practice - combine movement with shooting over medium distances of 3 new purple shooting range.
Presentation marksman - use new features and shooting skills over long distances in a tense mission.
Instructions on how to activate copies of gift games in steam:
1) Download and install the client STEAM
2) Register for an account or log in with your username in the existing one.
3) Go to the link after payment received
4) Add the game to the library or inventory
5) After the activation of the game will begin the process of downloading content.
6) Wait until the download.

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