Content: dump Epson XP-413_nizshaja versija.rar (8.74 MB)
Uploaded: 05.12.2015

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Archive contains two files: XP-413_25Q03213_obr_nizkaja.BIN - the contents of the chip is placed on the reverse side of the board and XP-413_25Q064A_lic_nizkaja.BIN - the contents of the chip located on the front side of the board.
These files together with the programmer will help cure your printer if it refuses to define the USC or CISS, you may accidentally update the software. If the downgrade firmware using Printhelp, the printer still does not determine the cartridges, then the files will solve your problem. Attention should be able to solder and have access to the programmer that supports 25Q32FVSIG and 25Q64BVSIG