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Now you have the opportunity to buy tera gold directly from the players hand without intermediaries.
VrungelSHOP a community of players of different games that are ready right now to sell you a game currency.

Transfer Gold Implemented Only players 60 + !!! No low-level warehouses!


1. Contact your network operator to specify all the details of the transaction. (Due to the fact that we do not work as intermediaries and sell only its own currency, the number of gold may be limited)

2. Payment order

3. After the order, you will receive a 16-digit code that must be reported to the operator using the contact details on page

3. Also do not forget to tell the operator your nickname and the server.

4. Orders are delivered at a meeting in the Great or, if you have a VIP subscription, then a trade broker


Delivery usually occurs within 5-10 minutes after receipt of the order.
In rare cases, there may be delays, you can specify the period of delivery of the goods before paying the operator.
Hours operator from 08 am to 04 nights, MSC.
07.12.2017 18:46:30
06.05.2017 22:07:58
Все супер и быстро
24.04.2017 20:50:06
Низкие цены, хороший продавец.
22.04.2017 14:03:28
Все отлично, лучшая цена.
14.04.2017 17:36:11
Рекомендую! Лучшие цены, быстрая доставка. Удачи
03.10.2016 14:50:53
Все супер и дружелюбный продавец)
10.09.2016 10:02:36
Хороший продавец
25.08.2016 16:00:08
Отличный и дружелюбный продавец)
26.07.2016 20:21:27
Все супер
13.07.2016 15:29:47
Все быстро и отлично покупайте только здесь.)

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