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FIFA 17. Game Version: 17.0
Trainer version 0.31 Updated: 10.05.2017

Positive Review - a guarantee of getting free upgrades.

** ATTENTION! ALLEGEDLY! Currently 21.10.16 limits from EA:
The safest way at the moment: to play a full match and 90 minutes to change the score of the match.

Safe way to cheat: to add in a match only score, F4 not to touch. Making a break between matches in 9 minutes of real time.

- Up to 15 games per hour !!! after reaching the limit of the game will depart from UT mode with error and failure.

- To complete the final may be no earlier than 40 minutes after the start of the first match in the cup, otherwise the prize will.
- Up to 75 games per day in online mode (reset the daily limit is approximately at 03:00 MSK)
- Online game can not be completed after the 30th "game moments" without departure from UT / Season followed by defeat.
- For all matches is offline timer, 9 minutes of real time, within which the game can not be finished without departure from UT.
- When a heavy load on the EA server - up to 85 games in the last 24 hours in any mode !!!.

You buy a BETA version of the game to cheat c version 17.0:

Trainer for the game mode "Quick Match".
The coach can work in any mode, but such a possibility can not be guaranteed.

By purchasing this product you completely agree that:

- Seller disclaims responsibility for any sanctions EA to your game account when using the Trainer.
- You will use the program only for personal purposes.
- You may not use the software for commercial purposes, to translate it, make it available on a fee basis or otherwise publicly reproduce it without my express permission.
- You may not sublicense, rent or lease, publish, modify, adapt, or translate any parts of the program.

================================================== ================================================== ===========================
Mini guide to work:
Run Trainer should at any time after the launch of their igry.Provesti authorization login. Wait until the inscription "Authorization passed. You can play"
================================================== ================================================== ===========================

If you experience problems or difficulties contact me before leaving negative feedback. All issues are always resolved very quickly with a personal touch.

The archive hint: Password for archive - crage
Remember that the rules (as in any other game) prohibited the use of third-party software to crack the game when playing online, in the case of sanctions, the seller is not liable and shall not have any claims can not be.

To work correctly, you might need to install: Net framework 4.0 (

Positive Review - a guarantee of getting free upgrades.

Possible false alarm on your antivirus trainer, before the game do not forget to turn off anti-virus protection in order to avoid conflicts with him. Trainer is intended only for the license disk, the work on pirated versions can not be guaranteed.
13.10.2017 7:18:58
02.10.2017 17:50:41
Все норм!
21.09.2017 21:02:23
21.09.2017 8:00:11
пользуюсь с 16 фифы, жесткая вещь
20.09.2017 13:32:07
советую брать!!!
18.09.2017 11:50:02
Всё отлично , работает !
17.09.2017 15:41:40
14.09.2017 10:20:47
20.08.2017 9:55:55
Все прошло быстро и четко.
18.08.2017 19:19:58
Всё отлично , работает !

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