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Right after purchase You receive a photo of a back side of an actual plastic $15 US iTunes store gift card with visible activation code. The example of purchased good is listed above.
The photo will be available for download as soon as you complete your payment. You will also receive an email with the link to your purchased card photo.

The instructions for applying the US iTunes store gift card are available on the Apple official website:

Only can be redeemed in US iTunes store (US iTunes store account)!
How to register us iTunes account, see here:
Purchased gift cards can be redeemed at any time

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16.01.2018 14:15:37
без проблем считало камерой, спасибо!
13.01.2018 13:20:48
Всё чётко! Спасибо!
09.01.2018 17:04:47
06.01.2018 16:58:23
28.12.2017 18:48:11
25.12.2017 9:34:32
Все отлично) очень вежливый продавец , рекомендую )
22.12.2017 16:57:07
19.12.2017 13:20:19
18.12.2017 23:53:20
Приобрел ключ, пришлось писать продавцу о замене, так как первый не подошёл, но зато всего за 25 минут заменили на рабочий.
16.12.2017 16:21:14

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