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Attention! The program is linked to a PC
Epson WF-7515, 7525, 7015, 7015 with Erp Adjustment Program - is a tool for these printers, the program allows you to reset the counter diaper (otrbotka, absorber) to prescribe ID printhead, make the printer and other initialization function.

Language English
The program resets the counter Main pad counter and Platen pad counter

The program will only work on a single computer that you receive an activation key. Windows can be reinstalled and re-activate the program obtain an activation key. computer configuration can not be changed if you change the motherboard or computer processor, the program will no longer be activated and have to re-buy the activation key.

The program only works on OS: Windows

Some antivirus programs may swear by the program, so while working with the program is to disable them, or add a program to the exceptions.

Download the programa here https://cloud.mail.ru/public/L87S/ywX5QqEx2
Run it and it will show the Hardware ID (example D198-281C-7118-BD52)
After you pay the program will offer to fill in the form below, be sure to write in the form of Hardware ID and your email we will send to your email the activation code that you insert in the running program in the column Serial Number and click Register.
When following its launch on your PC program will ask for the activation code when the Change Windows will need to enter the same activation code

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