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Immediately after payment, you receive an activation key for the game Tom Clancy´s The Division for Xbox One.

 The key you will receive in your personal account Also a link to the page with the key will come to your mail specified at purchase.

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Languages: Russian, English, French, German, Italian
Region: Worldwide
Activation: Uplay

** Description of the game **

The modern world is developing at an incredible speed and at the same time is becoming more fragile. Imagine a house of cards: you just have to remove one element - and the whole construction will collapse ... Shortly before Christmas, New York has been plagued by a monstrous pandemic. Public and public services cease to function one by one, water, food and electricity are interrupted. In just a few days, streets the city embraces the chaos. And then the Special Detachment enters the case - a special unit of operational agents. In peacetime, they lead the most ordinary life, but when trouble comes they start to act. The task of the Special Unit is to save the community yours.

• Save New York - you will find yourself in an open world that lives and develops according to your own laws. In order to survive and fulfill your task, you will have to explore the city and perfect your skills. Together with other agents of the Special Unit, your goal is to restore public order, find the source of the virus and save New York.
• A living changing world - in the world of Tom Clancy´s The Division, the time and the weather conditions significantly influence the gameplay. Constant changes in the environment can be helpful: use them to gain tactical advantage or catch the enemy by surprise. By improving the gas mask, you will be able to wade into areas with a high degree of infection without risk of catching the virus.
• The law of the stone jungle - in New York there are many small gangs that use the situation for personal gain. For every turn, thugs may be waiting to attack anyone who is not capable of rebuffing. In addition, you will come across so-called Cleaners, who are dressed in chemical protection suits and armed with flamethrowers. And they, to rid New York of the virus, are ready to burn anything ... and anyone. Equally dangerous is the grouping of runaway criminals, former prisoners of the Rikers prison. In their desire to establish control over the city, they will not stop at nothing.
• Choice of equipment - Special Forces agents use the latest generation technologies. You will be able to pick up equipment that best suits your playing style, and modify it. Your wrist watches are also a means of communication with other agents. It is not less useful for survival in the streets immersed in the chaos of the city will turn out to be a special backpack, which you can replenish by searching the bodies of defeated enemies.
• Technologies on the verge of fiction - choose skills for your style of play, sharpen them and with the mind coordinate the actions in the team - only in this way you will have chances of success. You have many different skills and devices: a self-guided mine follows the enemy and explodes on contact , the turret sends a powerful charge to the target, and the heart rate sensor scans the terrain for living creatures. With ECHO technology, which allows you to reproduce some moments of the past, you will be able to learn a lot about the places where you had to find hidden things and get valuable information about the world affected by the epidemic.
• Seamless network game: The Dark Zone is a quarantine zone in the heart of Manhattan, where you can find the most valuable prey: what only people did not have to throw during an emergency evacuation, but the danger there lies in wait for every step. To fight back from the enemies and tak
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