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Requires the original game Arma 3

Want to drive on the map in a shooter? Then you went to the right place!

Before you one of several additions for the beloved by many shooter Arma 3. If you decide to buy Arma 3 Marksmen, you will master the art of managing sports cards! In this addendum, you will:

Maps - sports card with 4-stroke engine capacity of 20 hp and four coloring options.
Racer - racers in special racing helmets, different for different karts.
Marshal - responsible for the safety of the race track.
Starting pistol - a special revolver is used to signal the beginning of races with the help of signal rockets.
Racing objects - a variety of (plastic) obstacles to the creation of race tracks.
Time trials - A new form of singleplayer Challenges delivered in 5 Karts Check Point races against the clock.
Modules and race in the mode of "Zeus" - special modules for creating races with control points, as well as pre-installed races that are already ready for multiplayer games

Become a steep racer!

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