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You buy the game Battlefield V for Origin (PC).

Battlefield V Description

Participate in the largest military conflict in the history of mankind: with Battlefield ™ V, the series returns to the roots - World War II - depicting it in a completely new light. Participate in large-scale and realistic online battles, fighting with your squad in modes such as Big Operations, which will amaze you with the scale of what is happening, or follow the destinies of individual people against the backdrop of global confrontation in the Single Player game. Fight in unexpected, majestic places around the world and enjoy the most exciting of all Battlefield.

• You have not yet seen such a Second World War: become a witness and participant in the unexpected and at the same time key moments of the war. Battlefield returns to basics.
ВЂ сраж Network battles for 64 players in the chaos of global war: lead your squad in intense multiplayer battles and try out new game modes, such as large-scale Big Operations. Test your strength in "Capture" and other classic modes, fighting in a detachment of friends.
• The most exciting Battlefield: maneuver on the battlefield, using new movements of fighters, fortifications and mobile means of destruction.
• Meet the previously unknown plots: watch the fate of individuals against the backdrop of a global confrontation in the “Military Stories” single-player game. Go skiing on the slopes of the Norwegian mountains, fighting for control over the ways of supplying nuclear weapons, fight shoulder to shoulder with the French colonial forces or wreak havoc during enemy rear along with a squad of daredevils in North Africa.
• "The course of the war": free updates, thanks to which you will go on a long journey, during which you will visit many key sections of the Second World War, where new battlegrounds and equipment are waiting for you.

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