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These dumps will help you with changing the region of your printer, after which you will be able to use auto reset chips for the PC region.

Chip 25L6406E, defined in the programmer as KH25L6406E @ SOP8

For the firmware you need any programmer that supports SPI Flash

Drivers do not need to change.

This product contains three dumps.
Dump Pantum P2207 Region PC
Dump Pantum P2500W Region PC
Dump Pantum P2507 Region PC

The database also contains dumps:
Pantum P2000 dump chips EN29LV040A
Pamtum M6500W chip dump 25L12835F

You can also download different software for printers for free -

The database is constantly updated and when you add a new dump, you will receive a link to the free download of the updated database.