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In the process of printing on an inkjet printer, not all ink gets on the paper. Quite a lot of ink is driven by the printer during the head cleaning. The principle of cleaning is the forced run of ink from the cartridge through the nozzles in the printer cap, connected to the pump, from where the ink is already merged into the diapers.

Printers do not have built-in sensors for filling the diaper and determine its critical value using a software method, counting the print volume in non-volatile memory. When this value is reached, the printer refuses to work by signaling an error. Epson printers signal the proximity of a critical value in advance.

In fact, especially in areas with dry air, the absorber of the pampers is only half full and in fact can serve another same period, and in some cases two terms, because the ink entering the absorber dries out, and with it the absorber also dries. . Nevertheless, in order not to risk, it is best to contact the specialists who will not only check the fullness of the printer´s diapers and determine the need for its replacement, but also programmatically reset the waste ink counter. Otherwise, the printer will refuse to work and you will not be able to bypass this protection by any means other than software zeroing the counter. If an overflow error occurs, following the instructions for the printer, you must take the printer to a service center to physically replace the diaper with a new one. However, you can try to do it yourself without going anywhere. Since the procedure is very simple

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