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- Both ORIGINAL CRUM modules and EMULATORS are programmed.
-The number of firmware is unlimited.
-Internet is not needed.
-Firmware does not need to be bought separately.
- A wide selection of supported devices using DS2502, DS2430, DS2431, DS2432, DS2433, DSQ8.
-Support for reading and writing the ORIGINAL chip, emulator, the ability to edit data, save it in bin-files and other set of functions.
- The list of supported devices may be supplemented.
- Interface language - Russian, English.
Support for Restore, Match teams

Together with the programmer comes free software that you can download for free from our website.
The software has the unique function of unlocking the original DS2431 / DS2432 / DSQ8 chips blocked by configuration bytes, CRUM modules that go in the original Minolta, Epson, Xerox printer cartridges, etc.
Using this programmer in combination with paid software, you can reset almost any chips of such rarer manufacturers as OKI, Konika Minolta, Lexmark, etc. ... Our database of dumps is constantly updated, dumps, as well as updates, we provide for free, if we don’t have a dump, you can create it yourself, just read the dump from the new chip and save it. After the chip finishes its resource, you need to record a pre-prepared dump, after changing the counter value. It is advisable to have several dumps from new chips. Devices often remember the last installed chip.
We also want to draw your attention to the fact that programmers are tested for performance only with one Lexmark l300 chip. The difference between manufacturers, memory chips, as well as the architecture of the brand as a whole, makes it simply unrealistic to create a universal programmer for all chips and manufacturers. So, we immediately warn you, on some models this programmer may not work. To work with a large number of microcircuits, you need at least a custom power system, as well as determination profiles, which this programmer and software does not provide +

Perhaps in the future this shortcoming will be eliminated.