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Account number, password, and phone number Eurocommunication card nominal value of 20 units designed for making phone calls from Chelyabinsk.

1. Dial one of the access numbers in Chelyabinsk: 211 7777 or 247 9333.

2. Set your phone to tone mode (usually by pressing *) and wait for a response.

3. Follow the voice prompts, enter in sequence: account number, # password #

4. Next, enter the series for calls:

- Long-distance: 8, area code, phone number, #

- International: 810, country code, area code, phone number, #

5. Do not place the phone, you can:

- Find out the cost of services rendered by clicking at the end of the conversation #

- To get information about your account by clicking 9

- Perform a few more connections, follow the prompts.

To speed dial You can make a map to your phone number, as well as to the transfer of funds from one card to:

Information about tariffs:

Validity period: 1 year from the date of the last connection.

Support in Chelyabinsk: 790 6573, 267 3770 (free).
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