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Dear customers!

You buy an activation key AION Standard (European version), which includes a 30-day prepaid game time. With this key, you can both create accounts and accounts activated on the status Preorder.

Register an account you can link:

If you already have an account, you need to go into it and add the resulting key.

Dear Buyers, Your feedback is very important to us. Feedback on our work, you can leave on a page with the product purchased.

Thank you!
If you accidentally close a page with the product purchased, without having to save it, it is always possible to go back and see all your purchases, visit

See. Also:

AION 15 DAYS TAYMKARTA (EURO): http: // Idd = 622556 & agent = 58591

AION 30 DAYS TAYMKARTA (EURO): http: // Idd = 622557 & agent = 58591

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