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You will receive a unique Tabard Tabard of Brilliance Tabard genius (white). This code is very rare!

Tabard after receipt becomes Soulbound (nominal)

you get the "unique code", after the payment must be contacted by email or icq and report "Unique code" and your server
Performing orders within 1 - 5 days (check with the operator), in the event of any force majeure guaranteed refund in view of 0.8% of your losses for the transfer WebMoney!
Obtained from your source to introduce NPC Landreau Dalnostrel in Booty Bay (Stranglethorn Vale)
(In sub menus recovery points)
Contact the seller you can on the contacts that are in the information about the seller.

If you, after registration and obtain a new code, any problems with the security code at the NPC (the code does not fit in the field, after entering the code, nothing happens, and the like) - try to disable all addons and fashion set you restart the game and try again.

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