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Introductory programming books for C++ exist aplenty. But many—probably the great majority—are “introductory” only in the sense that they don’t assume knowledge of C++ specifically. They usually assume that you’ve programmed in another language before, preferably in several.
This book does not make that assumption. All that’s required is that you’re comfortable with a computer and that you’ve run applications such as a word processor or e-mail reader. Once you narrow the available C++ texts down to those that require no programming experience at all, there’s a much smaller group of books from which to choose.
Объем 470 стр.
Издательство Prentice Hall
Формат: файлы .pdf

Chapter 1 Your First C++ Programs 1
Chapter 2 Decisions, Decisions 33
Chapter 3 The Handy, All-Purpose “for” Statement 65
Chapter 4 Functions: Many Are Called 81
Chapter 5 Arrays: We’ve Got Their Number 111
Chapter 6 Pointers: Getting a Handle on Data 139
Chapter 7 Strings: Analyzing the Text 163
Chapter 8 Files: Electronic Storage 197
Chapter 9 Some Advanced Programming Techniques 219
Chapter 10 Getting Yourself Object Oriented 245
Chapter 11 The Fraction Class 261
Chapter 12 Constructors: If You Build It . . . 291
Chapter 13 Operator Functions: Doing It with Class 313
Chapter 14 What’s “new”: The StringParser Class 343
Chapter 15 What’s “this”: The String Class 363
Chapter 16 Inheritance: What a Legacy 385
Chapter 17 Polymorphism: Object Independence 413
Appendix A C++ Operators 435
Appendix B Intrinsic Data Types 439
Appendix C C++ Syntax Summary 441
Appendix D ASCII Codes 451
Appendix E Common Library Functions 453
Appendix F Glossary of Terms 459
Index 469
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