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Hello dear customers!

Our company E5.GAMES ™ is pleased to offer you their services for the sale of game currency, keys and time cards of the most popular MMORPG games.

The main qualities which distinguish us from others - a serious attitude towards the customer, clearance sales and the security of transactions.

No more nepravelno codes, blocked accounts and other misunderstandings! - When buying any products, we can always be sure that you buy original products from official suppliers.

We are a rapidly growing company with high ambitions and plans for bred in most parts of the market sales of digital products for the Games.

Choosing us - you choose quality, reliability, stability!

--informatsiya to sell products -------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------

original name: Aion Online- CDKEY (EU)

adapted name: Activation Key (CD-KEY) - AION European version of the game for 30 days

Description: this key can be how to create a new account Aion Euro, and activate your account with a status Preorder.

--osobye инструкции---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

How to use:

Register an account you can link:

If you already have an account, enter it and add the resulting key using the menu item Use a Serial Code.


+ Please note that the key AION was purchased through the official digital distribution directly from the company NCSOFT, it's not digital keys of dubious origin. Thus, we can ensure that this key will never be locked cause FRAUD (fraud).

However, we are not responsible for possible problems with Russian accounts and the accounts of the CIS countries, as well as for the policies of NCsoft with respect to the lock on a national basis. If possible, do not leave the "Russian" trace in your account, use foreign postal services, state European residential address and enter the account and play with European IP. In the case of problems caused by nationality account, the sole responsibility of the user.

+ Please note that to activate the game account AION you necessarily need an international credit card or payment possession Prepaid Timecard. If you do not have a credit card and you prefer to pay for the game only with time-Cartney game.

--usloviya доставки---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


You get the code immediately after payment! You do not need to communicate with our support and zhdat- paid, got the code to play)

FORMAT buy goods:

After payment, you receive a digital code (not scan - for your own convenience so long to disassemble and re-write the numbers from the picture). Copy the code yourself and use.

An example of the received goods after the payment:





Our company gives you an absolute guarantee of the legality of goods sold! Our suppliers - the official online gaming dealers with whom we have signed agreements.

With our products you will not be and can not be a problem.

We wish you a successful game;)

Please do not look at the level of sales and the purse BC, at the site, we are a new seller, and eventually catch up, first of all thanks to your purchases and your feedback!


-Any Bought goods from us - you get automatically after payment

-If For kakoyto reason you close your browser, or you forget the code, you can always find it at the e-mail (which is used during payment) or online, where you store all your purchased products

-C Any questions or wishes you can always contact our support (contacts for communication listed on the vendor) in the event of problems kakihto not rush to write angry comments - contact us, our friendly advisor at any time to help solve your problem) we work for you!

-Please Do not be lazy to leave a positive review after purchase, thus you are saying thank you to those people who work every day for you.

In advance thank you very much,

always your E5.GAMES ™


Full list of our offered goods (you can buy at any time codes always vnalichii):

Aion - CDkey (European version) ----

WOW Time Card 60 days (European version) ----

WOW-Wrath of the Lich King - CDKEY (European version) ----