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You get boxes with gifts Dalnostrela Landreau (Landro´s gift box). It often come across: [Tiger-rocking] * 50 [Cookie for pet] * 50 [Flower path] * 50. But there is a chance that the fall is one of the rarest mounts: Horse turtle (worth 150+ dollars), frisky Reins Spectral Tiger (worth 600+ dollars) Spectral Tiger Reins (300+ dollars), X-missile exclusively voids X-51 (200+ dollars), Rocket voids X-51 (100+ dollars), Brown Bear Battle (100+ dollars ).

A unique opportunity to get a Spectral Tiger (Spectral tiger)!

If you already have available in one of the mounts contained in the box, it is definitely not fall, and the chances of loss of other increases slightly.

After payment you will get a 25-digit code that must be entered on the page, choose the region where the server on which you want to get the item. After activation code, you get the following code which you can enter the NPC Landreau Dalnostrela in Booty Bay (Stranglethorn Vale)

From the menu, choose Landreau Dalnostrela "Gates of Wrath" -> "Box with gifts Landreau."

Tip: not to enter code manually, copy it and paste it in the game using the keyboard shortcut CTRL + V

Here´s a list of Russian servers in English:

Azuregos - Azuregos

Borean Tundra - Borean Tundra

Eternal Song - Eversong

Galakrond - Galakrond

Goldrinn - Goldrinn

Gordunni - Gordunni

Grom - Grom

Drakonomor - Fordragon

Lich King - Lich King

The Pirate Bay - Booty Bay

Deepholm - Deepholm

Razuvious - Razuvious

Howling Fjord - Howling Fjord

Soulflayer - Soulflayer

Greymane - Greymane

Deathguard - Deathguard

Thermaplugg - Thermaglugg

Weaver´s death - Deathweaver

Black scar - Blackscar

Ashenvale - Ashenvale

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CAUTION BONUS! For a positive review on this product you will get 1000 gold on any official Russian server. To receive the bonus in your Review Write "I want a bonus" and enter there your server, faction nickname character. Gold will be sent to you within 3 days by mail. Thank you for your purchase!

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