Java ME on Symbian OS

In this book, experts from Symbian, Nokia and Sun Microsystems expose the power of Java ME on Symbian OS. The book introduces programming with Java ME on Symbian OS, and also reveals what is found 'under-the-hood'. It is logically divided into four main sections: Introduction to Java ME and programming fundamentals Java ME on Symbian OS (core and advanced chapters) Drill down into MSA, DoJa and MIDP game development Under the hood of the Java ME platform The book also includes two appendixes onSNAP Mobile technology and WidSets. With over ten years' experience in Java technologies and over four years' experience at Symbian, the lead author Roy Ben Hayun now works for Sun Microsystems as a systems architect in the Engineering Services group, which leads the development, marketing and productizing of Java ME CLDC and CDC on different platforms.

ISBN: 9780470743744

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