Sair Linux and GNU Certification Level II, Apache and Web Servers

Managing and troubleshooting Web servers is an integral part of every IT professional's job. Apache is an open source Web server that has captured 63% of the more than 18 million Web servers currently in place. This guide provides the in-depth information, skills, and techniques needed to effectively maintain an Apache Web server. With Linux growing rapidly in popularity as an enterprise solution, companies now more than ever are looking for IT professionals who are Linux certified. Designed and developed by the industry-leading members of Sair, Inc. and its advisory board, the Sair Linux and GNU Certification program provides IT professionals with a clear path for improving their Linux skills and knowledge base, while giving employers the means for ensuring the competency level of their staff. The LCE books in this series of study guides help readers master the areas of expertise necessary to pass the certification exam for becoming a Linux Certified Engineer (LCE). Readers will also get prep help through lab exercises and sample questions from the LCE exam.

Автор: Sair Team Development
ISBN: 9780471217367

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