Storage Networks Explained

Storage Networks Explained has much to recommend it…. a rarity in the literature of digital data storage – a complete exposition of both the base subject matter and its applications, which at the same time offers a level of readability making it suitable as an introduction to the subject. Storage Networks Explained is also flexible. It can be read cover-to-cover, browsed, or used as a reference. I recommend Storage Networks Explained as an essential component of any active information technology library. &emdash;Paul Massiglia, Technical Director, VERITAS Software Corporation Storage networks will become a basic technology like databases or local area networks. According to market research, 70% of external storage devices will be connected via storage networks in 2003. The authors have hands-on experience of network storage hardware and software, they teach customers about concrete network storage products, they understand the concepts behind storage networks, and show customers how storage networks address their business needs. Storage networks provide shared access to stored data from multiple computers and servers, thus increasing storage efficiency and availability. They permit information management functions such as backup and recovery, data mirroring, disaster recovery, and data migration to be performed quickly and efficiently, with a minimum of system overhead. This book explains how to use storage networks to fix malfunctioning business processes, covering the technologies as well as applications. A hot topic that will become increasingly important in the coming years. One of the first books to focus on using rather than building storage networks, and how to solve problems. Looking beyond technology and showing the true benefits of storage networks. Covers fibre channel SAN, Network Attached Storage, iSCSI and InfiniBand technologies. Contains several case studies (e.g. the example of a travel portal, protecting a critical database) Endorsed by the Storage Networking Industry Association. Written by very experienced professionals who tailored the book specifically to meet customer needs including support with supplementry material on Troppens website and Preface written by Tony Clark. Provides basic application information key for systems administrators, database administrators and managers who need to know about the networking aspects of their systems. As well as systems architects, network managers, information management directors and decision makers. This book also supports applications for graduate students and other relevant courses in the field. Awarded Best System Administration Book 2005 by the Linux Journal

Авторы: Rachael Waddington, Rainer Erkens, Ulf Troppens, Wolfgang Muller
ISBN: 9780470861837

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