The Unofficial Guide to Windows Vista

The inside scoop…for when you want more than the official line! Microsoft Vista may be the hot new operating system, but to use it with confidence, you'll need to know its quirks and shortcuts. Find out what the manual doesn't always tell you in this insider's guide to using Vista in the real world. How can you customize the desktop? What's the best way to prevent crashes? From setting up a home network to working with data, first get the official way, then the best way from two experts. Unbiased coverage of how to get the most out of Vista, from the new user interface and «live» icons to the revamped Control Panel Savvy, real-world advice from mastering multimedia with Vista and editing «secret settings» to synching data with your laptop and handheld Time-saving techniques and practical guidance on working around Vista quirks, avoiding pitfalls, and increasing your productivity Tips and hacks on Gadgets, how to launch Instant Search, and ways to use a USB flash drive as extended memory Sidebars and tables on Internet Explorer 7, tough new parental controls, and backing up data with enhanced Vista tools Watch for these graphic icons in every chapter to guide you to specific practicalinformation. Bright Ideas are smart innovations that will save you time or hassle. Hacks are insider tips and shortcuts that increase productivity. When you see Watch Out! heed the cautions or warnings to help you avoid commonpitfalls. And finally, check out Inside Scoops for practical insights from the author. It's like having your own expert at your side!

Авторы: Derek Torres, Stuart Mudie
ISBN: 9780470377703

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