Windows Vista Secrets

"If one book can help you master Vista, this is it." –Fred Langa, former editor-in-chief of Byte Magazine «These two know more about Windows than Microsoft does.» –Chris Pirillo, editor of Go beyond Microsoft's Help guide and discover the true secrets of Windows Vista that are essential to power users. Written by two of the most recognized Windows authorities, this resource provides you with numerous tips, tricks, and undocumented features that aren't available anywhere else. You'll find extensive screenshots, tables, and illustrations that clearly show how to achieve optimal performance, fix desktop problems, and take advantage of the robust features of Windows Vista. The Insider's Guide to Installing and upgrading your system (see Chapter 2) Quickly finding and organizing all of your files (see Chapter 5) Taking advantage of new security features (see Chapter 8) Creating your own movies and DVDs (see Chapter 12) Playing state-of-the-art games with amazing effects (see Chapter 14) Going wireless using Windows Vista mobility features (see Chapter 15) Managing your schedule with Windows® Calendar (see Chapter 20)

Авторы: Brian Livingston, Paul Thurrott
ISBN: 9780470128381

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